Wedding DJ

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Wedding DJ


Wedding DJ 

  • We can deliver to Middlesex, Surrey and all surrounding areas
  • If a power source is a problem we can supply generators, leads and adapters where required
  • Overnight hire is available on this item
  • All equipment is pat tested 
  • Delivery and collection charges will be added to the cost depending on location of event
  • Contact us for more details

Interested in hiring Wedding DJ? Enquire here or call 07739 176419

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Interested in hiring Wedding DJ?

Call us on 07739 176419 for more information, bookings and information about midweek discounts

Every wedding needs a DJ and not any DJ can be a wedding DJ. But here at All In One Events we are lucking enough to be able to work with some of the best in the business. Our DJ comes with the latest equipment in sound and light with a value of over 15k, so you know you will be getting the best. We will specialise our equipment to the size of your venue to maximize the results for your special day and more important... That 1st DANCE

Prices start from £350


Some blurb about which areas can be delivered to and payment.

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